Monday, March 18, 2013

Stephanie Principal: Avoid Anti-Semitism

Remember their names

 In “An address to the churches” by Seelisberg, it says that we have been exposed to the definition and consequences of Anti-Semitism but it has not yet lost its force but is growing to reach other regions. It invades our mind whether we are Christians or not.  Even though Christian churches defined the spirit of Anti-Semitism as the hate of all race. It is yet not sufficient. One of the reasons why Anti-Semitism existed and still exists today is because we as Christians have not been true to ourselves and our teaching of Jesus and his commandments.  Furthermore, if we are willing to follow him, we should deny and avoid Anti-Semitism in any form, especially Christian message which supports it.
Nevertheless we hope that the church will teach and ask its followers to stay awake and to avoid showing any kind of hatred against the Jews. Also to avoid stereotypes against them such as: the killed Jesus for only the Romans could punish by crucifixion. King Herod is not as innocent as he seemed for even though he stated that he did not understand why they wanted to kill Jesus and that he did not want to take part of this, he still ordered them to bring Jesus to Pilate.  Other stereotypes such: responsible for the downward of the economy, blood libel which is the stealing of Christians’ babies to make Passover food.
It would be better if we followed the 10 points which says that God talks to us through the old and New Testament. Marie, Jesus’ mother is often not mentioned to be Jewish but Jesus was and you can only be Jewish if born by a Jewish mother. We need to remember one of his commandments which state that we should love our neighbors as we love ourselves, there should be no exception to that law. One Jew is not all Jews. In Jerusalem, when Jesus was being accused not the whole Jewish population was present, only a small portion wanted him dead.
    The Jews, Romans and whoever was present are not the only responsible for the death of Jesus. It is clearly stated that Jesus dies for all of us. Therefore, our sins are responsible for his death. He died for us so we could live. What we have to remember is that Jews have always been suffering but the worst of them all was the Shoah and there was absolutely no reason why they were massacred. It makes absolutely no sense at all. I am being persecuted because i am a Jew as if freedoms of speech, religion and many more have not been allowed. They no longer had dignity for they were deprived of it. If today us human beings have not yet learned from the Shoah for Anti-Semitism is still happening today then we will never learn. It took the death of  more than 6 million Jews to teach us that we need to change but yet , some of us still haven’t change and it is a shame that they haven’t done so.


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