Thursday, March 14, 2013

Jessalyn: Today Started Off Like Any Other Day

Today Started Off Like Any Other Day

Today started off like any other day
I was excited to be in Poland, I was feeling okay
But that feeling changed real fast
When I went to Auschwitz I to look at the oppressed past

You had people from all over such as Czechs, Poles, and Jews
Who had to strip naked and take off their shoes
I saw the piles of shoes of all the dead today
My stomach was in knots and I did not want to stay

1.3 million deported to Oświęcim seven decades ago
But that number kept decreasing to very low
I’m not sure how many people survived
All I can say is that most aren’t alive

What would I have done if I was a Jew?
Would I have stayed, try to run, or even flew…
Flew far away where the Nazi regime couldn’t find me
A place I could practice my faith and just be

I can’t completely fathom what the oppressed went through
All I can ask of myself now is what can I do?
I have heard their stories and heard their cries
I have seen too many photos watching the weak die

I guess what I can do is not be a bystander anymore
I can share everyone’s story and see what’s in store
1 person died 12 million times
and its time to realize that’s not fine

So stand up for what is right and I’ll do the same
Because maybe the next generation will have no one to blame
or have ingrained in their mind Hitler’s name
Because finally we will come together as one
and do the righteous thing as God would have done


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