Friday, March 16, 2012

Stembridge Maimbo: Thank you.

It is like a dream. one week has ended like a blink of an eye. there is so much one can learn here. Auschwitz is a place of amazing stories and experiences. today we were in Krocow  having an experience of what it was like before the second world war. As one man I met today at the prayer session in preparation for sabbath said, 'Poland has a long history with the Jews. most of what was held dear and precious by the Jews was destroyed during the war.' Life was not treated as it should be, no respect and culture totally shattered.
It was my first time to experience a jewish prayer session on friday. It moved me away from what I am used in the christian church. It was an enriching experience for me. I wish we could be open to dialogue with each other and interact often. i think the world would be better than the way it is now. i was actually thinking of a song while at the prayer session. i dont know all the words but it is based on psalm 122. "giving thanks to God."
when I look back through the week, I think it all sums up with giving thanks to God who can reward us more than we can ask and full of mercy. I want to thank all of you who took keen interest in following our experiences of Auschwitz where the unimaginable things happened to human lives. The stories from the survivors are beyond belief. A big thank you to all and may God grant you your requests.
It is difficult to write all I have experienced in one week. some of it, we will be sharing as we meet and as i live with the memory.


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