Monday, March 12, 2012

Stembridge Maimbo: If we do not remember

the quotation beside me stayed with me all through the day. walking on the grounds of Auswitz 1 was not easy. i must confess that it raised more questions in me than answers. as our tour guide was taking us round in variuos buildings where people who had different views from Nazis were kept, it was a sobering experience. I can't imagine how a normal person can do such horrible things to another person.
the exibition with hair that was cut from women's head after killing them made me cry. how do you do such a thing? the doctors carrying out experiment on gentics and reproduction on human beings. it is unimaginable. the rooms were cold. there was only one block i remember that had heating system. thats where the SS people were working from. as you can see my picture, i had a few extra layers because the place was wet and cold and later in the evening it was foggy. imagine the people that were kept there as prisoners who had no priviledge like me to wear extra layers. it was inhuman.
it was a time for me to re-evaluate what I hold dear in my heart. re-examining the values in life and my identity. who am I and how do I relate to other beings? Nazis used bioracial to try and exterminate the other race because they wanted a pure race. since you couldn't be here to feel the way I am feeling, I ask you to think of what could be done today to avoid a repeat of what happened at Auswitz. I learnt that it was not only the Polish Jews that were in these camps but also Polish, Gypyies, French, Russians, Hungarians and so on, that means, anyone in the world could have had come here.
i leave you with this quotation again from the camp. "We were also human beings." this was what is written at the end towards the crematorium.
i had a humbling experience.


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