Thursday, March 8, 2012

Br. Stembridge Maimbo: The Journey Ahead

I am Br Stembridge Maimbo, CFC. I come from Zambia in Africa studying Religious Studies here at Iona College. Coming from a predominant Christian nation, I thought I could use this opportunity to broaden my understanding of the Jewish-Christian relationship. I hope to be enriched by the experience of walking, touching and seeing the actual place and use this knowledge when I get back to Zambia in forming future minds. The course on "Memory and Reconciliation: The Churches and the Holocaust" has motivated me to undertake this Poland trip.

I am looking forward to the trip tomorrow after I good start in tonight's lecture by Dr. Jolanta Ambrosewicz-Jacobs. I have this in mind from today's lecture"Remember the Past, Transform the Future." I am going with an open heart to the challenges of this trip. My concern is how best we could flame an educational curriculum that would help deter a similar event from happening in the future.
I am getting excited. The journey begins tomorrow. I will send you an update. 


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