Friday, March 13, 2015

POLAND, Here I Come!

Iona College-Daniel & Me

Friday 12:30pm and I am still packing. Last night, I was running to Marshall's at 9:30pm, right before closing to buy a converter for my chargers. Calling my professor twice at night, because I was still unprepared. Show's how on time I know how to be. I am excited and nervous at the same time. I do not know most of my classmates going on to this trip but that is where 7 hours on a plane will help. I look forward to getting to know my classmates. As I've been told multiple times this is a life changing and emotional experience. I know my Professor and classmates will be there for moral support. But I am going to miss my buddy, Daniel. I made him and my family download the What's App just to stay in contact with me over the break! I cannot be any more excited to go on this new experience. It will be my third time out of the United States. It is only my first blog post and I am not even sure what to be writing. I am sure more will come after tonight's plane ride(:

By: Jordan Galindo 


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