Thursday, April 24, 2014

Goodbye Poland. - Kara Pacewicz

It has been over a month since leaving the most inspirational and moving trip of my life. When looking back on my old blog posts the emotions all came rushing back. The experience of Poland was so unbelievable that it almost feels as if I didn’t go on the trip. Since the trip any chance I get I share my photos and experience with everyone. The knowledge I achieved from this course and trip is more than I could have thought. Being there and experiencing it all made it all so real and it gave the history life. Not only did I learn an endless amount of information on the Holocaust but I also learned so much about history and the affect it has on our present and future lives. This trip has given me a passion for learning about the Holocaust and understanding the event in history. Since the trip I have done so much research on my own, read books, and looked up pictures from the Holocaust.

The thanks I have for those who helped make this trip happen can not be expressed enough. Dr. Procario-Foley has put together a trip for students that changes lives. With the help of Dr. Nadel, Sister Mary, Father Manfred and the rest of the staff at the center made this trip one of a life time. They all give students like me the opportunity to bring history into real life. It gives us a knowledge about the Holocaust and religions in a way we would never learn in a classroom. They also give us a chance to have a life changing experience.

I hope some day I can return to Poland and go back to the camps. I feel as if the knowledge never ends. A new goal of mine is to visit the rest of the concentration camps standing and to gain knowledge of what happened at those camps as well. The decision to join my classmates in Poland is the best decision I have ever made, the trip opened my eyes to history, gave me a passion for studying the Holocaust, and it changed my life forever.

New York City from the plane ride.


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